Are You New To TBST?

If this is your first time or you are new to TBST,
here is some information which I think would prove useful* to help speed up things:
*useful only if you intend to stick around.

Posting Schedule:

I post once in two weeks.
Now that I have grown accustomed to my shitty drawings and writing, I post every week.
Unless I am sick or napping or whatever legit excuse I can come up with.
  1. I don’t think I can post any more than once a week because the posts and the drawings take an awful lot of time to complete.
  2. Posts go up usually on a Friday. Sunday.
  3. On rare occasions when the posts are completed before they are due I post them earlier.


There are two broad categories of posts


The posts which are long or were responsible for my misery throughout the week.


Announcements, informative posts like the extra information I discovered while researching for a post, doodles, etc go on the board. They are usually quick posts which take less than a days time to compose. Also, these posts might be rare.

Time-consuming, painful posts -> Collections    

Short posts which are not trying to kill me -> Board

Contacting Me:

You can find all the information here.

Topics Covered:

 Here is how it goes –
  1. Pretty much any topic that interests me and I think would be entertaining or would prove useful to you is a good candidate for a post.
  2. It’s weird but this is how it is. There is no specific niche that I write about. I cannot predict which topic I’ll write about next.
  3. You could request a post and contribute to my misery. Like this one time.
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