The Mailing List

I’ve bad news for you.
TBST has a mailing list now.
Things might go downhill for you. I might start posting sign-up forms below each post begging you to sign up. Maybe we’ll even have pop ups, who knows?

Reasons Why I Have A Mailing List:

I just had to have a mailing list
  1. Every major business has one – They are almost dying to get your emails like its some form of currency.
  2. Without it, TBST does not look like a professional operation. It’s like the if-you-are-trying-to-get-in-touch-with-me-you-gotta-have-your-people-call-my-people thing.
  3. I was having a major FOMO.

Email Lists That Don’t Suck:

I don’t hate mailing lists. I only hate when they compete for my attention.
I am easily distracted.
Even by nothing.
And then there is this ambitious list of other tasks which I have taken up specifically to set myself up for failure.

So an email list which is begging for my attention every other hour is not an ideal situation.

Some of the mailing lists are the real deal. They give you free stuff and everything. I have given my email to about bajillion of those and there is a crapload of free stuff on my desktop which I never use. Worth it!

But there are some very rare moments when I subscribe to a list and I almost find myself waiting eagerly for an email.

There are some reasons they don’t suck –
  1. These emails are filled with everything awesome. It’s like getting assaulted by rainbows.
  2. They do not make me feel guilty about having wasted several hundred minutes of my life going down the rabbit hole of content.
  3. Because they are rare, they have an elevated importance in my schedule.

Why You Should Join The List:cat post 20 hr naps

I don’t have free stuff to give you. But it’s THE LIST.
And it’s really supposed to be a big deal on TBST. I’ll send you long written emails like a long lost friend.

Tell you what’s up on TBST these days (because people graduate college in the mean time TBST is updated), you could tell me what’s up with you, maybe I’ll even throw in a doodle or two or have my cat write an email for you, I don’t know it could be anything. I have big plans.

So if you have enjoyed reading TBST so far and want to support it this would be the best way to do it. If you are in for it, subscribe here down below so that we can have a readership thing going on.

Thank You:

If you don’t join that’s ok, I still love you for reading TBST.
Thank you for being an awesome TBST reader in all your caffeinated glory.


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