7 Interesting Facts About Chocolate

This is quite an unusual post for TBST. I was looking to buy a few packs of Snickers, chocolate syrup, and cocoa powder online and I landed up researching everything about cocoa. I spent a good 5 hours reading into this. And now you have to deal with it.

I am a sucker for chocolate. My chocolate addiction perhaps even rivals my caffeine addiction.

You can share any other food with me but I don’t share chocolate. Especially Snickers bars.

Eating chocolate like a hungry animal
chocolate addictionnobody shares chocolate

You could safely say that chocolate love has turned into chocolate addiction when chocolate is being used like a versatile condiment. I add chocolate to coffee, popcorn, chips, corn flakes, bread, I don’t know it’s crazy. Each time I feel that I have exhausted the food items to which I can add chocolate, I find another one.

Anyways, I think I’ve spent too much time acquiring information and it would be a pity to not write about it. I cannot keep this vital information to myself. I think this knowledge is going to prove useful. Someday. Somehow.

1. White Chocolate

Is not chocolate. Let’s get that out there. Anybody who says so doesn’t know what a chocolate is and cannot call themselves a chocolate lover. It does not contain cocoa powder. It is not even qualified to be a chocolate. This is a mere derivative of chocolate. Imposter.

2. The Chocolate Belt

Chocolate belt - Regions where cocoa is grown

The sweet spot. Cocoa is produced in the regions which lie between 20 degrees north and south of the equator. This location provides the environment most conducive for cocoa production.

3. The Chocolate Tree

It’s called the Theobroma Cacao. It produces the Cacao fruit which has the Cacao seed. Now we need to be careful here, Cacao and Cocoa have a very similar spelling. Cocoa is what you get after processing the Cacao seed.

4. The Chocolate Beans

Cocoa Beans

This going to make us sound all pretentious for knowing this. They are seeds obtained from Theobroma Cacao.

There are 3 main types of Cocoa beans.

Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario.

Among these, Forastero is the most widely produced cocoa bean comprising about 90% of world cocoa production.
Pie chart showing cocoa bean production

5. The Chocolate Producers

Ivory coast map largest cocoa producers

Ivory Coast is the world’s leading producer of Cocoa producing about 1.45 million tonnes which contribute to 30% of the world’s cocoa.

6. The Chocolate Consumers 

switzerland map largest chocolate consumers

Switzerland is the biggest consumer of chocolates. Averaging at about 20 pounds per person each year.  This is like consuming on an average, chocolate worth in weight of 9 liters of water. I have never measured my chocolate consumption. I have a suspicion its a lot more than 20 pounds. Some things are better left undiscovered.

7. The Best Seller

snickers best selling chocolate

Finally, Snickers is the best selling chocolate bar. I didn’t know this before. The lack of Snickers-loving peeps in the know used to disturb me. I almost used to feel threatened by KitKat lovers.


Trust me, this information is going to make us sound like some chocolate scholars. We’re going to be fun at parties.

P.S: I like KitKat too but Snickers is love.

P.P.S: There was no right way to put this into the post. The people who grow cocoa over at the Ivory Coast don’t even know what it is used for! Here is a video of them tasting chocolate for the first time.The joy they experience when they first taste the chocolate is contagious. Watch it. Share it.  Savor each bite of your chocolate.


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