4 Steps to Effectively Suck at Improvement

It’s been awfully quiet on TBST since last month. Bad news, I did not die.
I had been doing quite a lot of thinking and pondering.

You see, every time I put up a new post I feel awful for putting up only half-baked drawings.
I cannot help it either, that’s the best I can do. I’ve been trying to improve my drawings.

I am not a natural artist.

So I tried people, I really tried. I looked at all of those artists on deviant art and looked all of those comic artists putting up webcomics.

Bad move.

I mean have you seen the art here?

I will never be as good. These artists are operating at a Legendary-Level and I am still a rookie, stuck at level 0.

This is how it goes down from day 1.

graph of motivation levels

I have two debilitating fears

1. Fear of Failure

Not that the chances of success are any high but one can always dream.bawling ones eyes out

2. Fear of Success

Success comes with responsibility which is a word I like to avoid even in casual conversations.

startled missed deadline


I mean, no. You don’t want either of these fears in your life but if you have both of them I know your pain. I spiraled deep down into the abyss and I sat there for weeks.

Anyways, I decided to teach you guys lessons on what you are supposed to do if you want to suck at improving your skills. It is not often that art has been responsible for miserable days in my life. This whole shitty period is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

1. Remember, someone is always better than you.

What is the point of even trying? There is always someone who will be infinitely better than you. Seriously, just give up

2. Compare

Look at your work, look at the pros work and now look at your work again. Feel bad? (Ignore if you are already a pro. Just ignore the whole post)

3. Freak out

Obviously, these people were good at their thing before they were even born. They were not born crying they were born doing their thing. Artists were born while painting their interpretation of milky way and the great authors were already delivering their magnum opus while you learned to say ‘dada’. Nobody put in those hundreds of hours of work.

4. Do Nothing

There is just too much competition. Here’s what you should do, sit around basking in your greatness. If anyone asks you what you do, just say that you are doing the world a favor by not unleashing you awesomeness because if you do you will be the equivalent of a bomb that explodes into glitter and light and beauty and candy and sugar. You will be the fucking rainbow.

P.S: Do not listen to me. Do exactly the opposite of what I suggest. This is a terrible advice. Not a role model.
P.P.S: No, just listen to me.


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* It’s like getting assaulted by rainbows *

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