The Biggest Nope

Cliche alert, but this is the biggest fucking nope ever

Spiders - The biggest nopes ever

If you feel like burning it’s miserable existence when you see one, then it is an acceptable reaction.
Burn the spiders miserable existence
No mercy.

They are murderous, they are deceitful and they will devour you the first chance they get.

You should hate them with a fiery passion enough to want to burn the species from the surface of this planet.

Does that make me spiciest?  Arachnidist?

They have proliferated enough to create a bajillion different species each evolved to become the deadliest of weapons. They can build creepy webs to trap us, some of them have deadly venom and deadly pincers to rip your heart out, just in case the poison didn’t work.

Compare that with us humans beings who are single species complacent morons with no evolutionary edge whatsoever.

You can obviously tell they are plotting something. Not everyone can say they have seen a snake in the house but pretty much anyone can guarantee they have seen the damned spider in their house.

If you can’t burn them then run like a little bitch. I don’t care if you are a man, a woman, a cat, a dog, a grizzly bear, a lion, a T-rex or anybody, nobody’s judging you. All bets are off.

If you can’t burn them then run like a little bitch. I don’t care if you are a man, a woman, a cat, a dog, a grizzly bear, a lion, a T rex or anybody, nobody’s judging you. All bets are off.

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  • Ha! That last image got me. 🙂

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