Guest Post at Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar

After trying everything, brainstorming, head scratching, day dreaming I finally rounded off on a

topic that I thought would be entertaining. At least I thought it is. It’s one of my childhood stories.

I know what you are thinking-

“Of all the entertaining topics you could write about like
bear procrastination,

you chose to write about yourself, you pathological narcissist.”

I can’t help. You can’t help it. That’s a condition.

Yet, I’ve tried to make it as entertaining for us as possible.

So go on over there at Emilie’s blog. Read the post. Love it. Obsess over it.

Let’s Build a Sand Castle. 


P.S: On a side note, the update monster  got his first assignment today. Looking all good in the thumbnail. I’ve to kinda name him now. Well, maybe later.

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