Pandas Are Not Famous Enough

Panda tries to talk to cat

peekpanda avoids cats gaze

cat asks panda what is bothering him

panda is upset he is not as famous as he should be

panda asks cat why is are panda search trends so low

cats vs pandas search trends

panda cannot believe why cat is more popular on the internet

panda thinks he is super adorable

panda is living every humans dream

cat tells panda to just be himself


panda reluctantly agrees with cat

cats 101 guide to winning the internet

Notes: A post on Pandas because some of you requested it in the comments. 

I am terrible at drawing animals, so I kept it short. I will take that back.

I am not good at drawing as such.

Click here to see the cats vs pandas google search trends.

I send fun emails once a week or maybe even less

* It’s like getting assaulted by rainbows *

  • Chloe

    Wow, I love this, because I love pandas, and agree they need MORE fame !!

  • The Black Sheep Theorem

    haha I must admit I only spent time looking at Panda videos on youtube after this post was requested. But they are super adorable!

  • This is adorable! Such a fun post as well and very different to any other posts I’ve read today. Thank you for the smile 🙂

  • Ha!!! This is amazing!

  • The Black Sheep Theorem

    I don’t know if I am ready for this kind of pressure. ;D

  • The Black Sheep Theorem

    Thank you for reading the post and the feedback 🙂

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