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The Board is where you will see random doodles, doodles which didn’t make it to the original post, announcements, posts that I just created on a whim and other stuff.  Long story short, the Board is just a playground for me and you.

CONFUSED!! - update


  NOTES: This is a real problem that I have been facing.  Lately, I have been more into drawing just pictures and creating images. When I started TBST I didn’t think it would evolve to a webcomic. I only thought I would continue to make humorous articles.  Help me?  

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Guest post at Awkwardly alive and pleasantly peculiar

Guest Post at Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar

After trying everything, brainstorming, head scratching, day dreaming I finally rounded off on a topic that I thought would be entertaining. At least I thought it is. It’s one of my childhood stories. I know what you are thinking- “Of all the entertaining topics you could write about like bears, procrastination, bear procrastination, dinosaurs, you chose to write about yourself, you…

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update monster

The Update Monster

Here is a tiny update for you. This is the ‘update’ monster. He made his debut here. Look at him, look at him carefully and memorize him. He’s going to appear as the default thumbnail image for posts. Usually for announcement posts or something along those lines. I gave him this job because I am too lazy to create a new…

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The mailing list

The Mailing List

I’ve bad news for you. TBST has a mailing list now. Things might go downhill for you. I might start posting sign-up forms below each post begging you to sign up. Maybe we’ll even have pop ups, who knows? Reasons Why I Have A Mailing List: I just had to have a mailing list Every major business has one –…

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Why the Drawings

I have bad ideas and I make bad decisions. Over time I’ve learned to recognize these patterns. I can only identify them though, not that I can act on them or anything. I usually make bad decisions when I am riding high on caffeine and when things show the slightest signs of changing for the better. I have achieved a minor…

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First Time?

Are You New To TBST?

If this is your first time or you are new to TBST, here is some information which I think would prove useful* to help speed up things: *useful only if you intend to stick around. Posting Schedule: I post once in two weeks. Now that I have grown accustomed to my shitty drawings and writing, I post every week. Unless…

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waking up early

When You Suck at Waking Up Early

You take your victories where you get them…       If you wish to read longer posts check out these – I need caffeine   –  The struggles of coffee addiction. How not to order coffee – You don’t want to be this one.  

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