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Well Collections are posts about things that are fascinating or things that I can relate to or things that I can complain about, no really. Posts which take an awful lot of time to complete and which are the primary cause of my misery up until the time they are posted.

pandas are not famous enough

Pandas Are Not Famous Enough

  Notes: A post on Pandas because some of you requested it in the comments.  I am terrible at drawing animals, so I kept it short. I will take that back. I am not good at drawing as such. Click here to see the cats vs pandas google search trends. I send fun emails once a week or maybe even…

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when soliciting ideas doesn't go as planned

When Soliciting Ideas Doesn’t Go As Planned

As of last week, I had run out of all the topics I had decided to write about. A responsible person would have brainstormed some topics a couple of weeks ago. I did not. I knew panic would set in any minute, after all, there is nothing more I would hate than watch TBST stay out of action. Here’s the flaw in this…

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best ever solution for old posts that make you cringe

The Best Ever Solution For Old Posts That Make You Cringe

This is just between you and me. The first person to crack under pressure and spread any insane rumor about me is going to be charged with treason. For some inexplicable reason, I decided today was a good day to mess with my heart and so I read some of my older posts. Wrong. Move. I can reasonably accept the shame…

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Try again

Try Again

    I could stay like this for days, avoiding everything I am supposed to be doing. Far away from the chaos, forever resting. But that’s not what I should do. That’s not what anybody should do. If only I had the self-control. Even the fear of failure is not enough to spur me into action. Almost as if I…

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The biggest nope

The Biggest Nope

Cliche alert, but this is the biggest fucking nope ever If you feel like burning it’s miserable existence when you see one, then it is an acceptable reaction. No mercy. They are murderous, they are deceitful and they will devour you the first chance they get. You should hate them with a fiery passion enough to want to burn the species…

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4 steps to effectively suck at improvement

4 Steps to Effectively Suck at Improvement

It’s been awfully quiet on TBST since last month. Bad news, I did not die. I had been doing quite a lot of thinking and pondering. You see, every time I put up a new post I feel awful for putting up only half-baked drawings. I cannot help it either, that’s the best I can do. I’ve been trying to…

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7 interesting facts about chocolate

7 Interesting Facts About Chocolate

This is quite an unusual post for TBST. I was looking to buy a few packs of Snickers, chocolate syrup, and cocoa powder online and I landed up researching everything about cocoa. I spent a good 5 hours reading into this. And now you have to deal with it. I am a sucker for chocolate. My chocolate addiction perhaps even rivals my…

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How you get obsessed with your mug

How you get obsessed with your mugs

There is an obsession of humanity with mugs that has gone relatively unnoticed. By mugs, I mean this guy. You get all kinds of these. Fancy mugs, shiny mugs, zany mugs, free mugs,  a bajillion dollar mugs, mugs forged in the essence of your hopes, dreams, holidays, ambitions and mugs reinforced with dragon scales and goblin fire the works. It doesn’t matter…

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how not to order coffee

How Not To Order Coffee

Whatever coffee shop you go to. Whether it’s Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, Philz Coffee, Tim Hortons or whichever is your favorite just imagine that one because you have just as much maniacal devotion towards your coffee shop as sports fans have towards their team. Every full moon, there will be this one customer who’s drink is not just coffee, it’s a potion.…

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I need Caffeine

There was a time when I used to get by without drinking coffee just fine. Those were good times. I was blissfully ignorant of one whole demographic which was completely enslaved by an evil, twisted drink. Then I joined a cult. The night owls. We perform rituals in the dead of the night when everyone’s asleep. We are clearly up to no…

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