How To Bug Me:

For your questions, feedback and whatever else there is you need to tell me-

If you are all cool with posting in public forums then tag me in the comments
or on TBST’s social media channels.

If this is not your thing then you can email me here –

Let’s lay down some ground rules:

1. No spam. I am all cool with rants and everything, just no spam.
2. If you are just letting off steam on my email and don’t want me to reply, that is cool too. Just tell me not to reply and warn me before hand that this is a rant.
3. I will reply to as many as I can on a priority basis. (This point is only here just so I feel important. Honestly, I don’t get many emails so it would be awesome if you did!)
4. (I plan to fill this bullet when there is a need for more rules)

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