The mailing list

The Mailing List

I’ve bad news for you. TBST has a mailing list now. Things might go downhill for you. I might start posting sign-up forms below each post begging you to sign up. Maybe we’ll even have pop ups, who knows? Reasons Why I Have A Mailing List: I just had to have a mailing list Every major business has one –…

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How you get obsessed with your mug

How you get obsessed with your mugs

There is an obsession of humanity with mugs that has gone relatively unnoticed. By mugs, I mean this guy. You get all kinds of these. Fancy mugs, shiny mugs, zany mugs, free mugs,  a bajillion dollar mugs, mugs forged in the essence of your hopes, dreams, holidays, ambitions and mugs reinforced with dragon scales and goblin fire the works. It doesn’t matter…

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Why the Drawings

I have bad ideas and I make bad decisions. Over time I’ve learned to recognize these patterns. I can only identify them though, not that I can act on them or anything. I usually make bad decisions when I am riding high on caffeine and when things show the slightest signs of changing for the better. I have achieved a minor…

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how not to order coffee

How Not To Order Coffee

Whatever coffee shop you go to. Whether it’s Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, Philz Coffee, Tim Hortons or whichever is your favorite just imagine that one because you have just as much maniacal devotion towards your coffee shop as sports fans have towards their team. Every full moon, there will be this one customer who’s drink is not just coffee, it’s a potion.…

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First Time?

Are You New To TBST?

If this is your first time or you are new to TBST, here is some information which I think would prove useful* to help speed up things: *useful only if you intend to stick around. Posting Schedule: I post once in two weeks. Now that I have grown accustomed to my shitty drawings and writing, I post every week. Unless…

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I need Caffeine

There was a time when I used to get by without drinking coffee just fine. Those were good times. I was blissfully ignorant of one whole demographic which was completely enslaved by an evil, twisted drink. Then I joined a cult. The night owls. We perform rituals in the dead of the night when everyone’s asleep. We are clearly up to no…

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How Night Owls Cope Everyday

There is a special struggle that night owls face on a day to day basis. The struggle is intensified if you have a regular job or if you go to a school with morning schedules. It is the struggle of waking up early. This is like asking a left handed person to get over it and either become a right…

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