you are here

You Are Here

For some reason, you decided to visit this page, this website.
I don’t know why you did it but now you are here and I don’t know how to small talk and you can’t do anything about it and I can’t make this situation any less uncomfortable.

There are a few things that I imagine we could do though..

I could tell you some of my favorite places on the internet and you could tell me yours…

These places makes me curious

Scientific American
Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell

These places keep me entertained
Stuff White People Like
Screen Junkies

If you are still with me, I can’t believe it and maybe you can’t believe it either but this is an accomplishment that we can celebrate by me telling you why am I here and you telling me why are you here …

Some people have dreams, they dream of becoming a writer. Writing is their passion.
I didn’t have this dream.

It just happened, I didn’t plan to but it did and now we are both in this mess.

Since we have shared so much together we can now discuss what really matters here..

You could tell me your favorite food and I could tell you mine..

 I like chicken, pizza without pineapple, bacon, fries, chicken, waffles and bacon.

Things are getting pretty serious …

We can now discuss our spirit animals and stuff…

 I go first – Wolves. Fascinating.

We have officially bonded now so it is ok for you to contact me


 or here on email:

You know, just in case we have missed out on any important discussion here.
It’s your turn now. Let’s start below!


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